Advanced Aesthetics is one of the most trusted and respected Australian clinics providing a range of anti-ageing injectables.

Our team of clinicians offer the highest possible care and expertise. With decades of experience in achieving the most naturally beautiful results possible, our Registered Nurses will create a tailored treatment plan designed to give you naturally beautiful results. We offer a complimentary consultation and skin analysis to understand your skin and desired outcomes, and to discuss your options in detail.

Are anti-wrinkle injections for me?

As we age, a reduction in skin hyaluronans, collagen and elastin causes the skin to loose elasticity. Combined with lifestyle factors such as exposure to the sun and repeated facial movements, the result is facial wrinkles, including furrows in your forehead, vertical frown lines between your eyebrows and small wrinkles or “crow’s feet” around your eyes. Many people complain that some of these wrinkles give them an aged or angry appearance. Anti-wrinkle injectables can reduce or even eliminate these. Dermal Fillers, also offered at Advanced Aesthetics may be more suitable.

What are anti-wrinkle injections?

In keeping with government regulations we are unable to name the specific products used for cosmetic injections. The anti-wrinkle injectables we use at Advanced Aesthetics are made up of a naturally occurring toxin that weaken muscles when injected into them. The nerve impulse that initiates muscle contraction is blocked, thereby weakening these muscles. A detailed knowledge of the facial muscles and their reaction to anti-wrinkle injection is required to achieve the best, most natural results.

What results can I expect from anti-wrinkle injections?

Injectables are given with the finest available needles for comfort and for reducing bruising. Once facial expression muscles are weakened adequately, the appearance of wrinkles and facial lines is greatly reduced. You will notice significant results almost immediately, typically within a few days.


It is worth noting that there are many clinics and beauty salons offering anti-wrinkle injectables and treatments, often at a discount rate. However, inexperienced or untrained technicians may not have the required skill and knowledge to achieve the outcome you require. Often the result is unsatisfactory and ill-suited to your face. In some cases, there can be irreparable damage or disfigurement to the skin. When seeking any non-surgical treatment, we strongly suggest that you look for qualified and experienced Registered Nurses at a reputable clinic. 

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