Breast Correction

Tuberous breasts are a very different problem to dissatisfaction in breast size. Obvious at puberty, tuberous breast deformity include underdeveloped breast size, incorrect positioning of the fold beneath the breast, breasts spaced too widely apart, bulging of the nipple-areolar area, and asymmetrical breasts. Women and men with tuberous breasts can display some or all of these features. Like any physical abnormality, the effects can impact on a person’s self-esteem and personal relationships. Gold Coast based plastic surgeon, Dr Dilip Gahankari provides breast correction procedures, which have the ability to correct this condition.

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Is this procedure for me?

With so many variables, no two tuberous breast conditions are the same, so Dr Dilip Gahankari takes an very individual approach to each breast correction procedure, addressing the conditions that are unique to you. Typically, breast correction surgery is very similar to breast augmentation, however tuberous breasts require breast reshaping, areolar balancing, and breast augmentation. Furthermore, breast reconstruction surgery is performed with an incision through either the nipple, or in the fold of the breast. In most cases, an implant will be used to correct the tuberous breast. Similar to breast enlargement, there are also many different options for the placement, shape and size of the implant used. All of these options will be will be discussed in full with Dr Dilip Gahankari during your initial, free consultation.

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