Breast Reconstruction

Breast cancer is all too common in women, and while survival rates are improving, there are many associated problems sufferers face. For some, a partial or full mastectomy (removal of the breast) is necessary, in order to remove the cancerous tissue. Losing one or both breasts to cancer can have a significant impact on a woman’s self-esteem. After the removal of the breasts, a breast reconstruction can be performed. This procedure can be performed at the time of the mastectomy or later, depending on the patient’s individual circumstances.

Dr Gahankari is an experienced cosmetic and reconstructive surgeon with the knowledge, skill and experience to tailor this complex procedure to achieve your desired result.

Is this procedure for me?

A breast reconstruction procedure is designed to recreate the breast mound on one or both breasts. During a detailed consultation, Dr Gahankari will assess what options are available to you in regards to the breast reconstruction procedure. This detailed consultation is to ensure the best possible result for you is achieved.

Broadly, there are two main types of breast reconstruction. The first involves constructing your breast mound entirely with your available tissue. This is most commonly done with microvascular TRAM flap. In simple terms, the breast mound is made from the spare ‘tyre’ of the lower tummy. The second breast reconstruction procedure involves the construction of a new breast with the addition of a silicone implant, similar to a breast augmentation procedure. This can be achieved through the use of the tissue expander, which is essentially a temporary silicone balloon. This expands the remaining skin in the breast area. A silicone implant is then placed under this newly stretched skin. Another option is to use a silicone implant under a muscle flap that is swung forward from the back. This is especially suitable for women who have undergone radiation treatment and who desire an implant assisted reconstruction rather than TRAM flap.

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