Skin Cancer / Melanoma

Depending on the type of skin cancer, we offer a range of treatments, from topical treatments (creams), photodynamic (cream followed by intense red light), laser therapy and surgery. We also have treatments for other sun-induced skin problems, such as sun spots, increased pigmentation, prominent capillaries and wrinkles. 

Treatment for skin cancer/melanoma is usually performed under local anaesthetic. In most cases, stitches are used to close the wound, leaving a subtle, straight-line scar. However, for certain areas of the body or larger cancers, a skin graft may be necessary.

Many patients have spots or blemishes that are not skin cancer, but patients often want them removed for aesthetic reasons. Some small, thin spots can be removed with IPL or a laser, which can leave virtually no scarring. Blemishes that are the result of burst vessels or thin veins in the skin can also be treated with a vascular laser. This laser targets only the blood vessels and leaves the skin untouched, meaning there is no scarring. The procedure is performed without the need for anaesthetic or hospitalisation. The Sciton laser machine is an extremely accurate ablative laser, that produces very little collateral tissue injury, hence minimising complications such as scarring and hyper or hypo-pigmentation.


Melanoma begins in the cells that produce pigment in the skin. Melanoma is the most aggressive form of skin cancer. If not detected early, melanoma may spread to the surrounding lymph glands or other organs. To treat melanoma, the affected skin needs to be surgically removed, along with a rim of normal skin surrounding the infected area. Even if the tests bring up no results, the patient should be monitored for the next few years to confirm that the cancer has not returned or spread.

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