Eyebrow Lift

Often one the earliest signs of ageing begins with a wrinkled forehead and sagging eyebrows, which in many cases can produce a tired or worried look. It is often the area of the face most noticed and the area most complained about.

An eyebrow lift is designed to improve the position of the eyelids and brows, improving the overall appearance of the face. Brow lifts raise and reshape the eyebrows, and tighten the skin on the forehead, removing frown lines and the vertical lines between the eyebrows.

What is this procedure?

A direct eyebrow lift is when an incision is made into the skin in the crease of the forehead or hidden into the hairline. The other common procedure is an endoscopic eyebrow lift, which may be less invasive. This endoscopic eyebrow lift procedure is done by inserting a tiny viewing device called an endoscope. With specialised surgical instruments, several small incisions are then made behind the hairline to then lift the brows, leaving little to no visible scarring.

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